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Conservation Note: Why Science is Important

Science. One word. Seven letters. Yet, science influences every aspects of your life. Whether it be advances in agriculture, energy, transportation, medicine, technology, etc.; all result from science. Edwin Hubble famously stated, “Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science.” Science is research based, providing answers to questions which in turn leads to more questions. Continual questioning encourages creativity and drives science forward by challenging

those pursuing science to answer new and unique questions

Many of the questions currently at the forefront of science relate to our changing climate. Greta Thunberg simplistically described the state of climate change in merely five words, “Our house is on fire.” Residing in North Dakota, we may not feel the effects of global climate change to the extent those living on the coast are with rising sea levels or the impacts of increasing wildfires. However, if we do not understand and actively support the science relative to climate change warning signs, we will soon enough start to feel these irreversible effects too an extent that can no longer be ignored. It is crucial we continue asking questions, and further scientific discovery. We must better educate the public on the important role science plays in our daily lives and more effectively communicate the relevance of past and ongoing scientific work to our citizens. Science is important because it helps us develop solutions to complex problems facing us now and in the future. Science is needed to solve our world’s climate crisis.


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