2019 Legislative Voting Record

For decades, the North Dakota Wildlife Federation has been a leading voice for protecting and enhancing our public wildlife, lands, and access at the North Dakota Legislature. The Legislative Voting Record is a compilation of how North Dakota state legislators voted on key issues during the 2019 Session. It is meant to provide information for the public on where legislators stand on issues impacting hunters and anglers, wildlife, habitat, public land and access. This report uses the vote on a given bill that is most reflective of a legislator’s stance on the issue.  Support for or opposition to any given bill is not intended to provide an endorsement or rejection of any state legislator.  
Here is our Voting Record for the 2019 Session.

The North Dakota Wildlife Federation is a grassroots organization, which protects and enhances North Dakota's wildlife, wildlife habitat and access to that habitat. NDWF promotes hunting, fishing, trapping and other wildlife related activities through education, programs, and on the ground projects. 


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