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Conservation Note: The Importance of Access

Outdoor tourism and recreation are North Dakota’s third most important economic

driver, behind energy and agriculture. North Dakotans and visitors from other states and foreign countries seek out our badlands, prairie potholes and wide-open spaces. Outdoor recreation opportunities are one of our States most valued assets.

One only needs to look at the welcome signs on small town main streets to know how important it is to our economy. Hunting, fishing, bird watching, and wildlife and scenic photography are some of the many outdoor activities that support our quality of life and draw visitors to North Dakota. Private lands support much of this outdoor activity.

Therefore, it is vital to recognize the importance of these valued activities and find creative ways to maintain access that is respectful of all lands, private and public. We must do all we can to protect our natural resources and the opportunities for all to enjoy, now and in our future.

For more information on this message or other conservation topics, contact: Mike McEnroe, Past President, North Dakota Wildlife Federation, ( or Rick Nelson, Past President, North Dakota Chapter, The Wildlife Society,( For a complete list of Conservation Notes visit


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