• North Dakota Wildlife Federation

FAQ: The Great American Outdoors Act

There are a lot of questions circulating about the Great American Outdoors Act, so we took a moment to answer a few.

Q: How will this Act impact the economy? A: The Act will immediately create 100,000 jobs needed to carry our public land infrastructure work. As well, multiple economic studies have shown that for every $1 spent through LWCF, $4 are generated in the private marketplace all while providing more outdoor opportunity.

Q: How does this Act impact public land access? A: Funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund can be used to purchase road easements, keeping vital vehicle access to public lands open. As well, the Act will fund a massive maintenance backlog, which will maintain existing roads and trails and keep them from decommissioning.

Q: Will it use taxpayer dollars to fully fund LWCF? A: NO. A fully-funded LWCF receives its funding from offshore drilling royalties, NOT taxpayer dollars. This royalty money then goes into critical conservation and access projects, benefitting sportsmen and women.

Q: But if that drilling subsides, will the fund then use taxpayer money? A: NO. Per the 1965 law that established LWCF, the program cannot be funded by anything except offshore drilling royalties. If those funds dry up, LWCF will be halted.

Q: Is this Act only supported by one political party? A: NO. As an organization representing North Dakota's outdoor community, NDWF is proud to say that this legislation is overwhelmingly bipartisan.

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