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Kid's Outdoor Skills Camp

Nature Deficit Disorder and No Child Left Inside are phrases that have been associated with legislative action, grant programs, and phrases to explain the trend that is affecting young people’s mental health.  These terms became prevalent in American culture in the early 2000s because we found kids getting outside less, being less connected to the outdoors, and facing more publicly recognized mental health issues.  Summer camps focused on hunting and other outdoor skills are great ways to combat this phenomenon.

North Dakota Wildlife Federation (NDWF) is partnering with NDSU Extension 4-H summer camps to educate kids on outdoor skills, archery, and wildlife at 3 summer camps to be held in Washburn ND.  Bullseye Archery Camp June 9-13; Outdoor Skills with Hunter Education June 30-July 3; and Wildlife Camp August 4-8.  The NDWF gave a grant of $2500 to North Dakota 4-H program NDSU Extension that will provide 7 scholarships for youth to attend one of the three camps. The 4-H State Activities Coordinator will give out the scholarships based on need.  4-H has criteria for scholarships and each county also gives out scholarships based on need criteria. 

The camps are held at the 4-H facility in Washburn, ND.  The North Dakota 4-H Camp is on 80 acres of wooded riverfront property 1.5 miles west of Washburn, N.D., and has provided overnight camping to youth for over 50 years. Camp starts on Sundays at 4 pm and ends on Thursday at 11 am. 

Cara Greger, NDWF Western ND Conservation Coordinator, has been working with Karla Meikle, State Activities Coordinator Bismarck, to find ways to achieve common goals.  Karla oversees the camp facilities in Washburn and works with a team who plans the programming for the Outdoor and Natural resources camps at Washburn. 

The outdoor skills and wildlife camp will explore ND wildlife, their adaptations, and what makes them unique.  The camps invite Game & Fish, a local veterinarian, wildlife rehabilitators, Dakota Zoo, and other experts to share their knowledge with campers. Covering topics such as bugs, birds, mammals, reptiles; hibernation and migration, camouflage; activities like dissecting owl pellets, building bug houses, geocache, hunting skills & safety, fish & fishing.


Visit the website below to register for camp and apply for scholarships.  Or visit your local county NDSU Extension office to register and apply.


Location:  2702 8th St SW in Washburn, ND between the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan.



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