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Peluso Report: Lake Walleyes on the Feed

By Mike Peluso

I promised last week that the reports would switch over to mostly to Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea for the next couple of months, so with that said, let’s get to it!

First off, I’d like to let everyone know, in case you didn’t know already: we are extremely spoiled here in North Dakota! Our fishing is way above the curve. I get clients daily from all over the country and they always say the fishing here is way better than other places they have fished. To be honest, they are right.

We have three major bodies of water that are all unreal fisheries right now in terms of quantity and quality. Of course, North Dakota has a ton of great small bodies of water also, but not many states have three major bodies of water that are all world class fisheries.

Devils Lake: Main Basin Walleye Movements

Devils Lake right is still proving to be one of the best fisheries in the state, if not the country. The lake is currently shrinking, however. Not necessarily because of a drought, but because water is being pumped out of the lake. This is creating a vacuum effect on the system. Many of the fish from the upper stretches of this massive body of water are trickling back down into the main basin, but the fishing from what I’m seeing is pretty darn solid. Bobbers on structure with leeches are doing well for numbers and shallow casted crank baits are also connecting. Follow the wind and dirtier water for better catch rates. Also look for the spinner bite to really take off in the near future with all this warm weather we have had.

Lake Sakakawea: Wind Works

Lake Sakakawea is also really kicking into high gear out west! Lots of fish are being caught out that way with really big fish mixed in. I have been staying closer to home, fishing the east end of Sakakawea all the way out to Nishu Bay. The story in this stretch of lake is quality over quantity. Fish are being caught using my personal favorite, the jig and minnow. Wind is playing a huge factor on where and how deep to probe with the jigs. Of course, the windier the day the shallower the fish. Again, it’s Sakakawea and you

better be mobile and keep moving until you locate active fish.

I would anticipate both Devils and Sakakawea to continue to get better as we progress into summer. I have a few open dates scattered about, so if you want to go fishing get ahold of me. Also, it’s never too early to plan and book your ice fishing adventures!

Mike Peluso is a Dakota Edge Outdoors Contributing Writer and a licensed ND Fishing Guide on the state’s three premier walleye waters: the Missouri River, Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake.


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